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By default your system would be on a sub-domain of Execs (i.e. [centre name] All data would be stored safely in a web-server. You may choose to pay $150 which gives you your own domain. The extra plan includes free WordPress connected to your domain for you to create professional websites easily. The  management system would be stored under your own domain   (i.e. system.[centre name].com)

Attendance taking

  • Interface: The easy-to-use interface allows teachers/staffs to take the attendance for the students in seconds. 

  • Clear structure: Student names are colour-coded once attendance is registered.

  • Notifications: When the lessons remained of a students drop below the limit that you set yourself, a notification email will be sent to students/parents. Know more in the Communication section below

  • View attendance records and export it to Excel spreadsheet



Select individual students, particular classes, or even all students to send notices to them via email. 

Emails will be sent from our email server but you can customise the reply-to email. 


Students management

The following are the features of student management part:

  • Add student: a welcome email will be sent to parents (if this is allowed in settings). Student ID will be generated

  • Remove student

  • Modify student: Besides student ID, all information can be modified, if the user is allowed to.

  • View information of a student

  • Check student payment status


  • Create invoice for your students:

    • PDF will be generated. You can choose to save/print it out, or send it as attachment to selected students or/and parents email​

    • Allows you to generate receipt for classes/other items

    • Allows you to give discounts or charge extra

    • On the receipt, timings of the classes will be listed out together with the lesson count

  • View previous invoice records:​​

    • You can add notes to the receipts​

    • Authorised users can void/unvoid an invoice

    • Export the whole record to Excel spreadsheets

    • Authorised users can delete records from Setting page

  • View overdue payments:​

    • Know which students' payments are overdue​


Classes management

  • Add course: You can add class under the same course after creation of a course. You will have an unique CourseID

  • Remove/Modify course

  • Assign students to classes

  • Unassign students from classes

  • Set make-up class for a student: Email notification will be sent if the setting is turned on

  • View course information



  • Upload homework:

    • You can upload a pdf file that is smaller than 4MB to the server each time​

    • Select the suitable class for the homework

  • Assign homework:​

    • Staffs can assign homework to their own students on that day. If they want to assign to other students authorisation may be required​

    • Authorisation may be required if the staffs want to assign homework of other subjects that the student is not studying.

    • You may set quota of homework assignments for staffs

  • View record:​

    • Staffs can easily check what homework is assigned to the students​


View teaching schedule

Teachers can view their teaching schedule to plan their time better!​


  • User settings:

    • Create/delete/modify system user: Username, password and role​

    • 'admin' user cannot be modified

  • Authorisation settings:​

    • Set authorisation of more than 30 features of the system for your staffs. The default for all authorisations is deny​

    • 'admin' user has access to all pages and features, and cannot be modified

  • Other settings:​

    • Delete invoice records​

    • Change login password

    • Communication settings: Set what will trigger the system to send emails to students/parents

    • Set the number of remaining lessons when payment reminder is sent.

  • System help desk:​

    • If you have any suggestion for the system, please raise it there and we will review them. Updated versions are free for all clients. If there are any bugs please screenshot the bug page and send it to


Clear and easy-to-use dashboard


Seems to have tons of features? In fact there are! But the dashboard is very clear and all features are classified well so the system is very easy-to-use. Please refer to the video above to know more about our features, or for tutorial

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