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We aim to provide an affordable, yet useful management system for educational organisations, especially tutorial centres. We understand that many organisations may still be using traditional ways to run the administration processes, and that is why Execs is here. Execs would be one of the cheapest solution for these organisations whilst helping them to run their administration smoothly, which means they can focus more time on teaching.


Execs combines all useful features into one system, which includes attendance taking, different authorisation levels for users, notices, homework assignment, invoicing, etc. To find out more, please scroll down to the Features section! Although having many features, Execs is very easy to use and is web-based, meaning that you can access it anywhere!





The whole system is web-based, which means you can access the program anywhere and you don't have to worry where the files go when you change your computer! No installation required.


Attendance taking

Take attendance for your students when they arrive. There are 3 levels of attendance: Present, authorised absence, and unauthorised absence. Lessons paid and attended are recorded and will automatically apply to invoices.


Authorisation for Staffs

We understand that you would not want to allow staffs to view/edit particular things. The Execs system allows you to set authorisation for 40 features for different staffs, which includes view of invoices, deleting particular records, creating courses, and much more...

And much more... 



Execs aims to make technologies affordable for everyone. All educational organisations, no matter how big or small their scales are, deserve to have access to a system which helps them with their day-to-day administrations. Don't worry, we do not have the word 'UP' after our prices and the quote from us would be equal if not LOWER than the prices below.
If your educational organisation is non-profit, or funded by a charity, we are happy to offer a FREE subscription to you.

Original: HKD550


Per Month

A management system which includes all the features listed above.
System located in the dedicated subdomain under Execs.
We constantly develop our system. All updates would be made available to all customers for free


Per Month

If your organisation is non-profit or funded by charity. Proof required

Optional Extra:


You can have your customised domain. Includes free WordPress/Drupal/Joomla for you to build your own website easily while the system is located in a sub-domain of your own website
If your centre has more than 200 students, we strongly recommend you to choose this option

Per Month

Discounts available! Get in touch with us today!
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